Peter is responsible for the development and performance of marketing and sales related activities, thus contributing to the business-development processes. He initiates and coordinates action plans to expand the customer base and to penetrate new markets. He advises on maximizing business relationships and creating an environment where services to the customers can flourish.

He leads in areas of content generation and production across all on-line media platforms including social media. He deepens relationships with the local media to ensure the most effective messaging and positioning of the company. He distributes press releases and monitors brand consistent publicity and the media coverage of our client’s promotional activities. Coordination and participating in profile-raising activities are part of his responsibilities.

Peter conducts market research studies and analyzes their findings to identify potential markets for products and services. He builds up databases of potential clients and other vital contacts. He keeps current with changing trends, economic indicators in the industry; depending on marketplace characteristics, marketing and sales strategies are considered

His international educational and training background includes business and managerial economics, as well as marketing in Slovakia, US, UK, France and Bulgaria.