At this year’s EBACE ABS Jets will celebrate ten years of successfully meeting and exceeding customer expectations in the field of business aviation by publishing an anniversary book and a prize contest.

Ten years ago in 2004, ABS Jets was founded in Prague, Czech Republic as an aircraft charter and management operator. In one decade the company has grown from a ‘two jet – twenty employee operation’ to one of the major players in the industry with a fleet of thirteen executive jets, a team of two hundred professionals and offering a complete array of services for business aviation customers. To commemorate the humble beginnings and achievements that led to the company’s success, ABS Jets has published an anniversary book called “Road to Success”. The book will be introduced during EBACE 2014.

The introduction of the book “Road to Success” at EBACE will go together with a prize contest. The correct answer to the question: “How much hangar space does ABS Jets have available? a. 3,000 m2 (32,000 ft2); b. 9,000 m2 (97,000 ft2); or c. 27,000 m2 (291,000 ft2)”, will qualify for a prize drawing. A ballot can be picked up and dropped off at ABS Jets booth nr. 2538. The drawing and the announcement of the winners will also take place at the ABS Jets booth no 2538 on 2nd day at 14:00, May 21st 2014. The Grand Prize is an all including Weekend in Prague. The prize winners will also be announced in the media after the convention.

“We are all very proud of what has been accomplished in the past ten years and grateful to our customers and our team who helped getting us here. Our anniversary book ‘Road to Success’ tells the readers how our success came about,” says Zuzana Vaclavova, ABS Jets Commercial Manager. “The company has steadily grown by understanding customer needs, recognizing business opportunities, and making wise decisions on how to move forward. We have now reached this milestone but, we are totally prepared to continue on the road to success in the future by providing state-of-the-art services. ”

About ABS Jets,
ABS Jets is an internationally awarded, world-class, executive jet operator with bases at Prague and Bratislava Airports. ABS Jets is one of the very few companies in Central Europe, having the financial and human resources to support and implement the systems required to operate aircraft to the very highest levels of safety and security. The pilots and crew include some of the most qualified and well-trained professionals in the industry. The range of services provided by ABS Jets include Aircraft Management, Charter and Brokerage, Aircraft Maintenance, Flight Planning, Hangarage (9,000 m2), Executive Handling, Travel Management, Consultancy Services, and Aircraft Sales. ABS Jets has the flexibility of 24/7/365 operations and immedi¬ate responses to any request for services or assistance.