A Specialist in Strategic Communication – i.e. communicating essential information to selected audiences and to ensure that the communication is noticed by the senses, sticks in the mind, and affects the thinking, behavior, or activities of the audience. His writing is strategically fit to impact the target.

Combine this with his current activities as chief editor, editor, contributing editor, columnist, copy writer, ghost writer, author of fiction stories and you may conclude that he is a source of power for corporate communication.

He is a leader of thought and his panoramic view on issues give any document by his hand more meaning and credit. Because of his maturity in communications and his interest in behavioral psychology, he is the ideal person to assist top level management in creating a communication campaign or to manage communication in crisis situations.

Throughout his professional activities of networking, business development, contract and conditions negotiations, project development, management consulting, trustee assignments, distinct evaluations, strategic communication, lecturing and training, he has proven to be a communication expert and he has demonstrated to be very successful in international or multi-cultural settings.