The NBAA award for flying safely has been given to ABS Jets in recognition of 11 years of flying without an accident, this represents 26,937 flying hours. The second Award is for one of ABS Jets most respected maintenance technicians, Mr Vladimir Sip, he has been given the Technician Safety Award. This is for the number of years he has worked with corporate aircraft that have been accident free.

ABS Jets have received similar safety awards in the past and these two awards underline ABS Jets commitment to safety in every aspect of their business. For 60 years NBAA’s flying safety award program has recognized exceptional achievement in maintaining safe flying operations. The awards serve as a testimony to the high degree of professionalism inherent in business aircraft operations and as a tribute to the skill of the company’s mana­gement maintenance pilot and support personnel teams.

ABS Jets

ABS Jets CEO Vladimir Petak advises “Our excellent safety record is due to the fact that safety is top of our agenda in everything we do. This is further demonstrated by the fact that Vladimir (Sip) is another member of our team to receive the technician safety award, I congratulate Vladimir and thank him for outstanding job.” Petak added “ABS Jets has a culture of putting safety first, the NBAA Safety Awards reflect that commitment. I am very proud of our team members and the ongoing recognition for our safety record.”