Media Tribune has been accorded with the title “Most Outstanding Aviation PR Agency” by the Acquisition INTL magazine. The award comes from the Global Excellence Program pioneered by the magazine that is seeing its fifth year. Media Tribune is in its ninth year of operation and is making headway as a solutions-based company that assists clients who are in a myriad of business fields, namely finance, cosmetics, and tax advice.

The award going to Media Tribune has an association with the company being an expert in aviation PR – their aviation industry knowledge is formidable and in-depth with experiences spanning manufacturers, operators, FBOs, and MROs.

Media Tribune was selected to be the recipient of the Most Outstanding Aviation PR Agency titled after a rigorous selection process that involves across the board and scrupulous analysis and research; both were carried out by a wider group.

Acquisition INTL Magazine doesn’t base its Global Excellence Program’s candidates’ selection based on fame; it looks for an accruing business entity in all business areas in an ascending fashion and that’s why Media Tribune was discerned and subsequently picked for the award – It’s truly a catch for the magazine’s Global Excellence Program.

Media Tribune’s spokesperson said, “I am deeply honoured to have been awarded for our initiatives in business aviation. On behalf of our team, I am thrilled to accept this award as a challenge to continue to promoting and growing this unique industry and in turn, deliver even more ambitious and innovative future projects. Thank you for your acknowledgment of our commitment to our aviation industry.”

It’s worthy to note that Media Tribune got this accolade due to the support from the aviation sector and the worldwide promotion brought about by Sapphire Pegasus Awards; the latter recognizes class-apart performances in business aviation and duly honours them via the International Business Aviation Awards. JetBook also receives a thank you from Media Tribune for bringing the summa cum laude of business aviation services compressed in a sleek book.