Antonia Lukacinova is the founder and CEO of MEDIA TRIBUNE, a company involved in strategic and marketing communications, as well as public relations. Her professional background in business development, and customer relations make her a valuable partner for organizations that expect passion and performance to achieve measurable results and success.

In the field of Aviation, be it private, business, or commercial, Antonia is a person par excellence to have on board for project development and team support due to her unique experiences from start-ups, to business advancements, as well as growing a company. Her integrity, discretion, and panoramic view on issues make her valuable counsel on various aspects of management. She is the typical professional who is assigned to special missions for contract and condition negotiations, strategic communication, to bring people together and to be a project pioneer. Her past organizational abilities in various aviation settings have a proven track record of successes in international or multi-cultural arrangements.

Her experience spans fifteen years of promotions, sales, marketing, commercial development, and event organization. In recent years, she deployed her strategic business capabilities to strengthen Europe’s fastest growing business aviation services provider, ABS Jets, widened its portfolio of services, increased the solid client base, and raised its profile in the international business and aviation media. Antonia was also engaged to present business aviation in Central and Eastern European media to raise profile of business jets manufactured by Gulfstream, Bombardier, and Cessna. For Embraer, she prepared and executed their communication strategy, and presented their line of business jets in support of their sales efforts in the region. Antonia was a founder of the professional association CEPA (Central Europe Private Aviation), to foster the development of private aviation in Europe. In earlier years she was involved in marketing activities for major multinational companies such as Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Heineken, Gillette and Citroen.

Antonia’s areas of expertise include: planning and execution of creative campaigns, media and promotion strategies – feasibility studies and business plan development – operational, project, performance and risk management – contract negotiations – strategic sales and marketing activities, communications, and public relations, – financial forecasting, budgeting and management.